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The Drones Are Coming



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There's a war on peace

            dem dat follow
             now dem lead

There's a war on need

           dem dat suffer
          now dem bleed

            In this war
            of rant and want
            and make believe
what does it matter if you die
              when living is suicide

        murder the murderous
        the innocent
        it doesn't matter
        which way one's bent

             Dem throw stones
        then hide dem hands

        Dem bleach I bones
        and call I Badman

in this fraternity of violence
             The Table’ s Turning

    He who had the gun
    and loved the hunt

    ain't no fun now
    the hunted has the gun

    How can one respect a man
                 who won't fight back

    You kill my dog
    you better run hide your cat

One can't Wait on second
                   to come in first
or stand in the rain                                           and die of thirst

            When the rich
            robs the poor

            dem say is economics
            but When the poor
            fights back

                               dem call it

    B a d m a n   B u s i n e s s

When the forgotten
      choose to speak
     dem say sedition

       but When the masses
       don't have enough to eat

                             dem say

 l e t   d e m   e a t   c a k e

        one man's terrorist
        is another's freedom fighter

        But blood matters not
        when blood is hot
        the dagger's real
        the sword is steel

            a mighty sword
            is just a sword
            but a mighty word
            is an idea forged

Generations born
with clenched fists and battle armour
                                 looking for a fight

            wanting to die

            living is not an option

S t i l l ~

            the devout wields
            words believed

    c l o i s t e r e d    w o r d s

                              spoken by

T h e   D i s c i p l e s   o f   B u l l s h i t

   half truths and whole lies

    you can't even believe
    your own make-believe

    some truths are as valid
    as reading chicken bones . !

                       l y i n g

        is easy when no one
                knows the truth


            v e n g e a n c e

            into righteous will
            and just atrocities

Orgies of Discontent

              men of god
       intent on being

   P r o p h e t s   o f   E v i l

    faithful crusaders
    wrench the necks of those
               who would not bend

                  b e w a r e

           the wrongdoers
           they maybe angels
           in sheep clothing

                  b e w a r e

            naysayers singing hymns

                  b e w a r e

            change merchants
            plying their trade
            in their cathedrals of sin

                  b e w a r e

            the sheep-shaggers
            wanting to come in            

Sometimes ~
nothing is better than anything

a snake is a snake                                   even if it thinks it  can f l y                                                                                       some larks think they're     
e a g l e s

like a raw diamond
not yet exposed

        full of expectations
        like a kiss from a rose

e v e r y   r e v o l u t i o n
                 needs a martyr
        every war a hero

        every religion
        needs a sinner
        and every evil
         needs a saint

~ t h e   d r o n e s   a r e   c o m i n g ~

            the drones are coming  .  .  

                the innocent cry .  !

mothers lay on the bodies
of dead infants

         t h e y   h i d e

    under tin rooves and mud huts
    whole villages burn . . !

    Who's not dead
    badly wounded
        not friend nor foe
              enemy nor kin

        the enemy fought
        is within

        w e   n e e d   t o   w a k e   U p

        or we experience the nightmares
        of continuous sleep

    T h e   D r o n e s   A r e   C o m i n g


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Charles2 says:

Quite a piece Superb craftmanship

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Mingoao says:

Thank you sir - Appreciate the love, -Much Peace

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