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Today I Woke up Dead



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T o d a y  .  .

is just
another day

like any other day
     or so I thought

        f r a u g h t
                 w i t h

              tribulations                                  beyond imaginings

    I   s a w   t h e m
      standing there

    eyes fixed                                                 on none else
               but I

    l o o k i n g   f o r   p r e y
            and I was it
            this day's Quota  .  !
               another notch

    There will be no
    consequence for them
               I am not human

         I don't breathe
             I don't bleed

    b a r e   h a n d s

    mark my surrender
    but It's not enough

    t o d a y   I   d i e

        they lie as to
        the nature of why
                       and how

    a n d   b e c a u s e
    every lie was believed                           and told about me

    What was my crime . ?

        my confession
        my guilt
        my sin

    t h e i r   o b s e s s i o n .  ?

what . .                                                          is their guilt                                             that haunts them . ?

                that . .

                I'm lesser than shame

    a    s t a i n ~
        on their psyche
                   and soul . ?

        am I a reminder
        of their humanity
             or inhumanity . ?

            B A N G . . !
            B A N G . . !

I   h i t   t h e   g r o u n d

                       I don't resist  .  .

                everything I was
           or could have been
            now oozes                                                                                   onto the concrete
where I lay
        I ' m    e a s y    p r e y

        I'm lesser than ~

        no more than 3 / 5
        of what I'm supposed  to be
I am
what they say I am

                  they say

                  I don't matter
                 and that justifies
                 my every circumstance

                  the skin I'm in
the fact that I breathe in

                 t o d a y

            I'm no one

I   W o k e   u p   D e a d  .  .  !

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