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We will make it through this. Believe that.

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Off Road



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I had to go off road to off load some of the parts of me that I did not like. I went from a cadillac to a bike and I kept pedalling I can feel my legs getting stronger already and my thoughts were steady. I saw the wealth around me and I was taking all bets. 

It appeas that things were stacked against me but I kept restacking. I was squirreling it all away and its almost time to show my nuts. 

Im keeping it buttery, so dont slipped. I just got my balance in the chaos so now this is normal play. I am provocative and I want you to chew on every SINGLE word. I married them a long time ago and not looking at any options for divorce. 


even when I go off road.

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Mingoao says:

I love serious sh!t with a sense of humour. "I was squirreling it all away and its almost time to show my nuts. " - Made me laugh out L O U D. . ! -Peace Bro

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love_supreme says:

Thank you very much!

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mlowe5 says:

Thus be the ever coursing love_supreme! ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

TEEDUB815 says:

Forgiveness is always awaiting when we get back on track

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