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The Young and the Dress Less



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Yes I said it - The Dressless, cause what are they really wearing?
It’s practically nothing. Should it be called “Clothes for Hoes?”
But why do they dress less? Is it for attention, is it insecurity, is it they lack confidence, is it cute, is it tacky, is it sexy, is it to “fit in,” is it misleading, is it enticing…?

I know what it is, it is sad. It’s sad to see how some of these young generations leave nothing for the imagination. Seems like everything flashes, even eyelashes.

But at what point do we hold parents accountable for this behavior, especially when children are under 18 and dressing provocative? Because truth be told, most of them don’t have a job to be buying those type of clothes, so who’s buying them?

Back in the day, it was a must to cover up. But that was then, cause now, they on full display. They display it all, from the skimpy clothes to wearing no draws.

When I tell you they extra, they “Extra.”
Yeah, they want everything “Extra.”
Extra breast, extra ass, extra nails, extra hair, extra lashes, extra lips, extra hips… What they are saying to me is, did God not get nothing right that they gotta go redo what He has done?

I mean, they got Everything Out. So when they say they outside, “They Outside!”
Ass out, cheeks out, boobs out, belly out, toes out, clothes with holes out, yep, clear and see through, that’s what they do.

What about dignity, core values, self respect and morals?

Parents, I know times have changed, but are you enabling this behavior? Because truly, sometimes their behavior is a reflection of your parenting, or lack there of. And I did say sometimes.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Dressless, the last stanza uncovers it all. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Brilliantly written. -Peace

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