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You love me, but



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What is love? 
Is it just a feeling, emotions or actions?
Is it just words? 
I love you - I love you so much, this much, too much, very much…
When your spouse, husband, friend, child or someone tells you they love you, how do you receive the words you just heard?
And when you say “I love you” are they just words spoken?
Do you give love the way you want love received?
Ask yourself, do your actions line up with what you just said?
But then again, if someone doesn’t KNOW what love is, then that could be a reason as to why they don’t know how to show it.

God is Love. Do you love like God loves?
God's love is unconditional. Here’s how I know.
God's love is pure, gentle, comforting and forever.
Your love is sometimes and can change like the weather
It can be cold, or it can be hot
You can love me a little, or love me a lot

Your words say, I love you, but what are the meanings behind the words?
Your words say, “I love you,” yet your actions show a but.
You say, “I love you,” but you slap me
You love me, but you curse me
You love me, but you belittle me
You love me, but I’m a dumb ass
You love me, but you mad at me
You love me, but you don’t trust me
You love me, but I’m stupid
You love me, but you lie to me
You love me, but you abuse me
You love me, but you disrespect me
You love me, but you tired of me
You love me, but you leaving me…

You, you love under certain conditions. 
Your love is sometimes, part-time, most of the time, but not all the time.
God's love is FOREVER. He will never leave you, lie to you, disrespect you or abuse you.
Can you learn to love me like God loves me? If not, then do I really need your love?

What if God treated you how you treat the ones you say you love?
What if God slapped you, blocked you, called you stupid or didn’t answer your calls?
What if He left you cause He tired of you?  Yeah… What if?

(Moral of the story - Don’t just say you love them, show them. But before you show them, make sure what you are showing them is a reflection of God’s love for you. If it’s not, then why say I love you? Because what are you really saying? What are you really doing?)

Love works both ways. So, what kind of love are you giving and what kind are you choosing to receive?
Thank You Father for giving us the “Blueprint” on how to love and what love is (For those who don’t know, it's in the Bible).
Now, let those who know this love and receive this love, also give out this love.

Let all you do be done in love and love yourself enough to know the difference.

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Profound. Love is eternal and void of all exceptions. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Profound. Love is eternal and void of all exceptions. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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