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Flow Nation ✒

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We flow like tears..... We flow like rain
We flow through years..... We flow out pain
We flow rumors..... We flow in humor
Our words flow..... Our minds flow
Flow is what’s inside..... Flow is our pride
Flow is how we ride..... Flow is what makes us go
You aunt she*t if you don’t flow..... Go with the flow
Flow with the go.....Flow what you know
Up in here we flow..... Flow is all we know
Flow is how we reap..... Flow is how we sow
Flow is like hip hop.....Flow is like drip drop
We flow down the stream..... Flow is how we scream and how we dream
Flow is how we bleed..... Flow is how we read..... Flow gives us peace
Flow is how we release..... We flow to circulate
We flow to educate..... We flow in love
We flow out hate..... We flow in time
We flow in rhyme..... Flow makes us move
Flow makes us groove..... We flow our views
We flow out news..... We flow geological deformation
We flow out useful information..... We flow out from within
We flow through thick and thin.... We flow in history
We flow in mystery..... We are a menstruation of a flow nation
We flow heavy..... We flow hard
We flow through your back and front yard
We flow like the ocean..... We flow in slow motion
We flow dribble..... We flow scribble..... We leak what we flow
We speak what we flow
We triple our flow..... We ripple our flow
We flow in streams..... We flow in teams
We cash flow..... We back flow
Flow is how we hang..... Flow is how we sang
We flow in thought and diction..... We flow in fiction
We flow in traffic..... We flow in graphics
We percolate our flow..... We circulate our flow
We flow at ease..... We flow with the breeze
We splash our flow..... We dash our flow
We are a continuous movement of circulation

we are a flow nation


20o7   WIZE DOM



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