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2nd Lifeboat ✒

Views: 190

There’s a hole in the sky like an opened door
Like falling through the roof landing on the floor
Unwanted intrusion hell and earth infusion
I’m not going down there let the wind sweep me away
I rather weather the storm any day
Here to work not to play in the flames
My soul melts away volcano eruptions
Like a blanket covers corruption
Hidden in plain sight what’s good about night?
What’s moving through the trees?
What’s blowing the leaves?
Is it just the wind?
Pulling us in with the tides
That bind look straight ahead
Nothings left behind
If you see something then you’re blind
If you reside there in your head then you’re dead
Wake up the sleep is too sound
Patch up the hole before you drown
Stand firm something trying to pull you down
It’s everywhere its standing right there
There’s a dog in the yard beware



2013   WIZE DOM



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bulldognation44267 says:

That's real dude, I enjoyed the various metaphors you employed.

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