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60's High

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Time to beat my feet book it I need some bread I’m bugging out
Bummed out need me to clue you in? this is the 60’s man
Just made bail from college what’s coming off? cool your chops
Everything is copasetic I need a crash pad

I’m decked out ready to dance holes in my soles

I’m not a dip not a ditz do you dig don’t flip your wig

Don’t have a cow I’m eating grapes off of the wallpaper

Give me five on five don’t get uptight it’s time to fly right

Get with the words give me some skin just go with the flow

I’m just grooving feeling groovy man just hang loose

No hang ups that’s hip and heavy stay in the groove

No jive I got the juice it’s the laid back killer

Don’t worry about Johnny law lay it on me let’s hear some lingo

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty I’m not out of my tree

I’m out of sight let it percolate right on show me your coins

Sock it to me stay loose tell it like it is I’ll pay you on Tuesday

What’s your bag man you ain’t too cool you take care of the hot dogs

I’ll take care of the orange drinks I’m feeling your vibes

You blowing my high keep your head to the sky don’t be so uptight

Time to hitchhike soak up some rays my rents got me on the hook

They treat me like Mickey Mouse it’s a mess and a half

Too much lip flappin this is a bum trip all show no go



2013  WIZE DOM



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