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"Wassup My Poetry Lovers , Time For Some New Poetry From Ya Girl "

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"My flow"

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 .... I'm sometimes known to put on an act in front of people.... But I don't stand on a stage.  I'm  a actor , I pretend that everything  is okay by covering up the situation with just a simple smile. I'm a painter , I color in the holes that cloud my mind with dark negativity and replace them with light. I'm a singer , I sing out my cries when I wanna be heard and let nothing , or even no one try to silence me. I handle different situations with the same line over and over ......... "it's okay" but in reality , it's not okay . I sometimes dream of being on a beautiful island where the sun glistens smoothly on the waves , and where the birds sing to wake me in the mornings. A soft , warm bed with purple and pink roses . But when I wake from my dream , it's not the same . Then that's when LIFE kicks back in. Some have it already made.... The "rich" life , the money , their dream place. But in all honesty , they are not happier than the next person hoping and wishing for the same thing because , because money is the root of ALL evil and nothing good ever comes from that. They cry at night just like we do , they mourn over a loved one the same as we do , the do everything we do , but maybe more... And that's when the sadness comes in because they can't handle all the pressure that comes with being rich. It's not always fun to have more.....

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mrmelody7 says:

Your flow flows -very good observations with nice rhythm

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j.king337 says:

Nice flow...what u said speaks a lot of truth

2b2b2 says:

Excellent piece and flow....Write On!!!

paulaskid says:


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neiqhh121 says:

aww thanks you guys for all the comments... ! (: find me on facebook >>> Rachel Lomax

underhiswings7 says:

Very nice flow

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