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I love you but hate you at the same time I promised myself I’d keep these feelings inside These thoughts were never meant to see the light of day I had them buried deep protected by lock and safe I’m better off when I forget how much you mean to me I welcome sleep knowing you no longer visit my dreams Still I’m haunted by the answers that I’ll never know Why didn’t I make this work? Why did you choose to go? Was it me? Or was it you? And were the rumors true? Do you now have someone new laying next to you? I realize now I no longer care and probably never have If I did I would have settled down to make this last I guess I was always more attracted to the thought of you All of the good I thought you were  What you could blossom into You talk a big game and I’ll admit I do the same Four years down the drain oh what a shame I wish there was a way for me to get my time back I don’t need the memories you can have that Just take me back to the night where we first met  I’ll look the other way, try my best to forget Just how beautiful you were and how much I wanted you I’d do everything possible to stop myself from loving you It would prevent me years later from telling lies to you I wouldn’t feel the need now to write this final goodbye to you  

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substance914 says:

Deep i can relate

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