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A Childs Place

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Kids don’t know what their in for

 Like being incarcerated 

“What you in for”? 

This life they have embarked on

 In a time where rights safety and freedom

 Are almost null void 

Still they laugh and play 

The day away

 While we sit and hope for better days

 We know what’s on the way 

We read about it everyday

 Too serious to play 

Staying close to the ground

 Never knowing  

Who’s going to nut up

 And gun drown 

We stay on higher ground

 Knowing that if we can’t swim 

We are sure to drown

 Levies do fall "Ahem"

 We are no longer safe

 The strong arm of the law 

Elected to protect us 

Suspect us

It's time to call the children in

Sit them down and tell them

What they're in for

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tretre says:

TRAVAIL ETONNANT which in french means AMAZING WORK! I like this poem. I hear kids all the time say, " I wish i was older" Kids really have no idea what their in for. Simply beautiful. Keep that pen movin Wize Dom

DreamPoet says:

Nice poem

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2b2b2 says:

SUPERB and CRUCIAL MESSAGE.....thanks for sharing....ONE

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