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A Poets Way

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Mo power to the poets
I say this because I know it

Let it burn don’t blow it out
Let it burn until the lights go out

We spit from our diaphragm
Hit hard like a battering ram

Knock us down let’s go another round
We'll cripple and put you in a hoveround

Stop put your weapons down
Let us not fight instead let’s join forces

Spread some love around
No need for violence we have enough

To go around so why don’t we
Huddle up find out what we lack 

Bring love back like running water
We do need that

the opposite of peace is decease
War kills like malignant cancer cells

We war for not fear ties us up in knots
Don’t want to look like a punk in the streets

Don’t want anybody to think we’re weak
Continuing to complain but to afraid to speak

So let the poets preach say... amen

In word and diction the poets will teach
On deaf ears or not the poets will speak

We are a unique tribe of scribes
Real talk no jive light the torch

To keep the vibe alive




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