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Reading between the lines,
In fleeting thoughts
At the threshold of our knowing
But obscured, rather than enhanced
By our perspective, parallax
Losing the wealth of vision, seen better in depth
as if blurred by apparent inconsistencies
Perhaps because what existed before
…we have this day together
For so long as pieces of our separate pasts
Remain coverings a facade of fading memories
…things we seldom share which were in reality
Never quite what they seemed to be
It was only the wind, like rain
Casting trails of echoes,
Like trains leaving the station
For the last trip of the day
To coincide with the tide
…of our relationships
Rising, falling at the whims
Of our greatest needs,
Emotions feeding
Waves of motions
Traced in fields of grain
Dancing to the wind,
Now leading to pathways
Further on beyond…
Leaping over the earth,
Flowing through the trees
Streaming across near space
Going further on beyond
The universe of you and i
Falling …like rain
Emotions that
By no mere coincidence
Appear to us, whenever
We allow former shadows of ourselves,
To come into our self conscious sight
Seeing a light… dancing between
Rising to find love instead of just the bookmark
Of a story we’d imagined it would be
Continuing to fall helplessly back into the dream
Of where being in love has never really found its meaning
Approached, by a greater truth in
…Being at the moments passage, a patron
…to the extreme
In quiet moments, gently swept emotions gleaned
Teasing tears to cleanse away the harsh reality
And the fear that we shall forever remain alone
That never could be to us, as love beings
As if to atone for imagined transgressions
Worthy of self sacrifice
Bringing showers to our eyes
To bring to mind, the persistent proof
Even though we may be blind apart
Together, we are tighter
Than any binding
In our hearts
We help each other
In our dreams


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