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A Star We Must Be

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A star we must be, shinning our light of hope upon men who worship despair, Who honor their bondage of shackles connected to the blackness, As we watch from our cage of defeat we cannot help but care, But is this fair??, We empty our hearts for the children who burn in the fires of containment, Cursing this lower sheeplike power for its evil tactics , Still we watch as our mother is beaten while our brothers stand adjacent, Death is in the winds can you taste it??, The effect of man consuming the rotten flesh of earth's purest spirits, Claiming they are higher but other life is only practice, Again we watch helplessly as we mourn for our dearest, Why are we not fearless??, We shed tears to replenish the thirst of the forgotten, Still the conflagration of revenge we soke in never relaxes, For the last time we watch as destruction builds and leaves hope rotten, Is there another opition?? No! so men repent with sorrow and screams but their cries are in vain, We destroy what they built and leave them with ashes, Now we watch as they finally get to experience pain, Which of us is to blame??, Not just you or me but we! A star we must be...

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SoFloetic says:

This is really good

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Phenomenal Paris says:

You been hiding this one from me, I see. Lol. I reaaalllllyyyy love it

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mirage says:

thank you all!

mrmelody7 says:

Sharp Mind

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