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Positional intentions

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I have come far enough to know that

I rather it rain then snow

there are some things known that

should be forgotten

there are some things forgotten that

 should be recanted

things that we should revert

back to in order to convert to

life can be like a cartoon

people laughing at your pain and things

that hurt you like if an anvil

falls on your head and you're left for dead

the world could care less about your dread

sometimes ketchup is just too red

and blood is just true blue

the life we lead is the one we chose

some of us are still in the grave

with the one who rose

holding on to dead flowers

down in the basement

up in the attic change the channel

too much static

chaotic combative behavior

gone viral outrageous and contagious

look away and keep turning pages

read the chapters that matter





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