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"Hands up, dont shoot"

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I surrender! I surrender!!


I have nothing that can harm you


Tell me what is it about me that poses


As a threat to you armed fools?


I may have broke the law...then again i


Couldve been innocent


If youre here to serve and protect, why do you seem to lack diligence


You have tasers, you have batons, tell me...why resort to murder?


All these unnecessary slayings just for reasons thats unheard of


Though i couldve done wrong, i certainly did not deserve this


You couldve put me in a squad car with cuffs smacked around my wrists


But while i stand here with my hands up, dont shoot!! Dont shoot!!


You may label me a criminal, but lets not forget i am human too


I do not have a weapon, what could i possibly do to you?


I have nothin left to do but throw my hands up..DONT SHOOT!!


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scash102 says:

No words...

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