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"Jewels of the night"

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Land of the free, home of the brave

Land full of greed and poisonous snakes

Some of us free, but most of us slaves

Enough to make dr.king turn over in his grave No we aint got it made, all in these chains and shackles

Social media back lashes, brainwashed in acid

Instead of moving forward were taking 10 steps backwards

Unaware of being whipped, cant even hear the crackles...damn shame

I cant even recognize my own brothas, in tight clothes like a woman, killin each other like its nothin..damn shame

That i cant even recognize my sistas, hair extensions brazillion, true identity concealed this just cant be real

But it is, sorry to say, we rather treat each other like prey and stand in line for jays

Be real s, and bad es, but neglect our brains

But whos to blame? Us, but it dont have to be this way

With enough self love there will be no hate

We got to step up our game, and stop blaming the next race

For somethin we can but refuse to change

And for that very reason, problems shall always remain

Unless we change our ways, unite and join hands

Instead of using them to wrap around throats and choke friends

Hurt our mothers, kill our brothers, rape our sistas, neglect our kids

Black folks we gotta do better if we want this cycle to end

You cannot depend on nobody but you 

Sculpt the future in your palms, pass it on to the youth

Take the wool off of your eyes so you can see the truth

The choice is yours, its up to you, which path will you choose?

Will you continue to walk blind or will you strive for sight

Its one thing for day to have light, but jewels only appear in the night

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2b2b2 says:

SUPERB SHARE....thanks....ONE

PoeticallyGifted says:


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hymnagen says:

This is on point. Nice one!

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