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Faint memories of flying, but don't recall having wings I look to the sky to remind me, yet i can't remember a thing Episodes of ecstasy , vivid images of freedom, something this life just doesn't give me, but in my memory...i believe I was once there without a care, without a worry Without pain, without tears, every spirit has a story A story lost of time, a time capsule to remind, located in the center of the mind that you cannot find if you are blind..i believe Im closer than i've ever been before, to my original form in which my connection has been torn Lets reunite and ignite like a flame in the night, warm..that's all i hope for, i'm not the same without my core Who was i before life? That is what i aim to be Introduce me to a life that they cannot take away from me That mastermind behind my mind and the vision behind my eyes, please... Don't judge me for trying to be what alot of folks are afraid to be..... Alive To the point that not even death can stop me Whenever i shall parish they will forever hear about me Turn my soul into matter, i want to live for eternity Encounter life a million times as the flame of of life continues to burn in me

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2b2b2 says:

Superb Existential piece.....ONE

hymnagen says:

Jah Lyrix brings the fire! I always enjoy your work

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