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"oh, belle ombre"

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At night as i lay in bed alone with the vacant half of my bed cold...i drift


Elevating towards the ceiling replaced by the entire galaxy above my exposed and naked body...he is


Trapped inside my shadow ,though i cant touch him i can feel the warmth


As it moves around my body gently clinging to its source


My eyes twinkled just a bit as the stars stained my pupils..they shined


Like diamonds in a river on a bright and early morning..its shape and texture defined


Sublime it was indeed to find out this was all just a dream


Which i would soon wake up to notice that all along ive been asleep


To travel through my conciousness in desperate hopes to find my shadow


In the image of a king or in the image of a pharoah


Missing the way it protected me and put my mind at peace


The other half of my moon, the one to make my soul complete


A figure of ny imagination thats nothing more than a vacant spot in my bed


Nothing more than a dream .. a dream that never leaves my head


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Intheshadowz says:

Mwaz .. Loved iit

hymnagen says:

Beautiful flow

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