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"Nation under fire"

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I woke up out my sleep to a stench in the air

I cried, i choked, but couldnt figure out where

Where the smell was coming from..in my house? On the streets?

Thats when i opened up the door and saw flames in the trees

to my surprise these...were the same trees from my dreams

Only difference is i could not see the strange fruit taking place of its leaves

As i did in my dream...a fruit so rotten

I could smell fire,mixed with blood, mixed with tears, mixed with cotton

The same smell from my ancestors whos long been forgotten

Im seeing faces in the smoke of neferneferauten and akenauten

Only a memory,just a memory of a time we reigned royal

I close my ears to loud sobs coming from underneath the soil

Where bodies lay...millions...and that too was on fire..

Its getting hard to breathe, and im starting to get tired

As i continue to walk the block, i get a glimpse of iraq...that ignited like a bomb

I broke out into a violent cough

I fainted..got up and found it difficult to walk

I couldnt see a thing, began to panic, i was lost

Everything and every1 was on fire except I

Maybe few were safe and sound but those few i could not find

I should not have left the house, i should not have came outside

I shouldve stayed inside my bed, i should not have opened my eyes

Now i have to face the world..face the fire, face the hatred

Theres a nation under fire, and there is no way i can save them

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Wize Dom says:

The thing about fire is, it won't burn you if you just keep on walking through it...great poem it gets my vote.

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2b2b2 says:

Brilliant Work(s).....ONE

ToothPick3 says:

This was lethal good work miss

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