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A Snakes Tale

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I have a last name

that bore me pain

so I don't use it much

except for necessary things

I use to think

that it was a good name

until it turned into

devilish wicked things

I stood in a circle

of hail like an ouroboros

biting his tail

awaken by the sound

of a stone hitting

the bottom of a well

the rotting corpse

I can still smell

deep in the mist

of closing in walls

who was I going to tell

I was just as crooked

as the crack in the

Liberty Bell

like a glass that

did not break when it fell

secrets bound and  tossed

into wishing wells

something smells

 in garbage pales

though this may rhyme

it is not a tale

the reason I  made

my name hard to tell

wouldn't you if the devil

had a plot with your name

written on it in hell



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tretre says:

" I have a last name that bore me pain" That line touched my heart because I bare a last name that brings me pain each and every day. That one line inspired me so much that I came up with 4 poems. Inspiration comes from simple yet true thoughts. Thanks for inspiring my 4 poems Wize Dom. Always keep that pen moving, you never know what you may reveal that may inspire someone to create. Loved the whole poem. Always keep that pen movin Wize Dom!!!

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