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In a class of my own

only drink from a glass of my own

don’t pay rent it’s better to own

no drama at home live alone

no love lost found my soul

in a holocaust

you’re getting warm now your cold

calm down I’m here to console

here’s a tissue wipe your nose

If you fall I’m here to uphold

the syllables

I’m art smart

like heart smart in a bowl of Cheerios

turn up the volume on the stereo

It’s just a thriller on the loose

like a serial killer

21 beat the dealer

turn it down it’s a screamer

they say I’m just a dreamer

woke up when I burned

 my hand on a steamer




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tretre says:

Writers write, Dreamers talk about it. Perhaps we are all dreams, which leads us to be the writers. Loved this poem. Dream on WizeDom, Always keep that pen movin!!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Warrior's pen....Write ON!! Pure Delight.....ONE

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hymnagen says:

You flow...always on point, Wize. Peace

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