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99 poems

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I've posted 99 poems and I'm not done

as the days go by I'm penning even more

releasing these emotions on the page

my pen flows effortlessly

describing a range of experiences

in some way or another you can relate

i was born to create poetry

it flows through my veins

if you cut me

words will come running out

i can spend all day writing working on multiple pieces at a time

my mind just keeps going

i dream of being published someday

i have countless journals of sentiments

I've only shared 99 with you and I'm not through

just yet

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Tmartin The Poet! says:

Damn you cold blooded! Love it!

Tmartin The Poet! says:

If you cut me words will coming running out! 100!

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Tmartin The Poet! says:


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twistedbeauty says:

Thanks tmartin

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KingQadarDwon' says:

Congrats on your 99 poems, the road gets wider just keep going, no band aids either, just let them words keeps flowing.

twistedbeauty says:

Thanks king are you posting today or just reading

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KingQadarDwon' says:

You're welcome Ion know yet lol...

twistedbeauty says:

Post post post lol

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