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scare of memory

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Devilish decisions,
Tempting Ways
A mind driving me to stray.

Broken hearts, shattered mind,
Lonely soul
Oh how i yearn for peace in heart.

Brutal anger flares inside,
Driven by a monster that seems to dwell inside.

He was awoken,
By another mans curse,
Scarred my mind
Never to be Forgotten,
A Memory like this, branding of iron.

Burns to the flesh, in deep memory.

Please help my screaming soul,
My shattered dreams,
My innocence, i did once
Behold of thee.

Saddness and sorrow,
Deep dark in my shattered heart.

How can i break free,
To just remember how thee, two bonnie cherubs used to be..

I yearn for a time,
When i can forget the torturous tempting of anger..
Soul destroying emptiness
Peace of soul and heart

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