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so in love! I'll give it all away.... just dont tell nobody tomorrow

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Nameless heart

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feeling poisoned passion of you clotting my veins with sculptured lies bleeding this souls luving nature sour memories blocking any chance to become luvers of the future once again devastated soul living in wake of your schemes wading across deaths high emotions fear of drowning in my own desires eyes swollen shut from lonely tears sweet mischievous words spoken from a demons tongue trust torn with shreds of deceit so masterfully played motivated by barbed wired laced dreams refuse to be a person I am not within me gave my luv freely too many times ousted all of who I once was yesterday today I'm back to being the soul I once luved no longer does my craving for you control me your name no longer imprinted on this heart of mine

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Cjsmom770 says:

I know the feeling all too well and you explain it perfectly. Thanks for taking everyone on a journey of a broken heart restored. Enjoy your day.

Corey says:

Unfortunately, we live amongst many who are thrilled to disguise their wolf in sheep's clothing, leaving broken hearts and trust in their wake. Here's to getting back to loving you! Thanks for sharing!

skyyberry1987 says:

thanks guys! sorry I took so long to respond.

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