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...from love+space

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...falling fast asleep with you
together, still on the telephone  
entering security protocall 
the last four digits in the...
Launch code as the
Gyrocosmic orbs arc aglow, suddenly come alive 
Going into overdrive humming softly once more
…Back at sea again, 
Yes, Lord how…i Love the imagery...
The engines launch, as we phase shift swiftly 
Falling into the abyss another starlit night 
Across the spacial plains
Just after we clear Arcturus, Admiral Freebird announces 
For the crew manning stations… “Cast Away”
upon this psychic journey where our mind and
Energies are focused, amplified exponentially
Main engineering reports maneuvering drives are set
All functioning within normal operating parameters
As we power-dive between patience and fortitude
consciousness adrift, where imaginations pour
hovering in formation with you leading at this leg
As we leap into another phase of this loving night
gliding effortlessly through endless corridors of light
as the ship plows through the heavens bound for earth
Surging ahead, leaping rhythmic warping sounds 
Ripples of space time soundlessly explode in its wake
As cosmic waves crashing against the hull 
Produce echoes singing in refrain …here
From our strategic vantage point
…from LoveSpace

Gazing into mystic realms …with a breathtaking view…
   ...from majestic heights, eyes locked together ever true
Endless waves of love, each a kiss between 
The hearts of me and you

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mlowe5 says:

Wow! So much imagery and analogy undulating through a cosmic flow. "Gyrocosmic orbs arc aglow..." YES! Sail on Brother. Peace, Love and Unity.

Charles2 says:

thank you, mlowe5. life's changing perspectives demand challenges which go beyond our grasp to spark the inititive to entertain greater trans dimensional awareness

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Nikki_phressh says:

Oh this is nice!

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Charles2 says:

Thank you

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