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...for the day

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Look all around you
at all people
take a tour "de jour"
look everyday...
to your clients
the people with whom
you shape the moment of eternity
we call this...

real people 
make a difference
can't help themselves from being real
know the deal
the cheats and the tricks
study, not only your history
but everybody else's too
they do...
not only who you are
for what they pretend to be
as long as you
do not know
they will rule you
take pride, to know...
the cradle of civilization
was a united civilization of people
just like you...
who conquered
not just to prove that they were good in a fight
but to do people right
to bring order to the chaos
which was...
it was not what people refer to as religion
just a people
making it real
to establish roles
based on ability
to produce and trade goods 
people excelled

at what most interested them
and the good

of the people
was NOT

what appeared to be 


shady and slick

your name was your reputation

your word was your bond

 courts decided what was good for society

based upon truth and honesty

aged and weak were protected,  
neither worshipped 
or neglected...
and wisdom...
were valued commodities
being merciful and charitable were business norms
applied generously 

when the world 
was young in our understanding
people let life be ruled
by the seasonal cycles
of  nature
when times were good 
goods were stored
for when times were not...
we became skilled
and society thrived 
children were taught skills
depending upon their interests and capabilities
people were taught to be honest and truthful
and life became balanced 
so that people became established
and excelled... the everychanging roles
that produced the goods 
required for the day
is the we
who are in control
if you defer
or abdicate
relinquish, your command...
you give power to forces which lie in waiting
for just such chance, as this
to take reign
and sow terror across the land...
be faithful
keep your promises
just as long as you can
be connected
to those you love
and if you truly
understand thy enemies
with a firm hand
on just who it is that you are
children of the sun
in the greater family of the stars


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2b2b2 says:

Superb Work

Charles2 says:

Thank you, 2b2b2

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