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...just a minute?

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in response to... what's read

(i can see clearly now)

not knowing the background of the matter

i suppose...

i must ask myself  just what

is the meaning of...

the who, the why, the how


…one minute is all

you ask


To take to task

All that we can do

To see our way through

…moment by moment ….moments

For all that we fear, experience as steps

Our footsteps on the path on the road to wisdom

Sad, whenever it’s said to be true.

 Though it might take all of those 60 seconds

 From whatever was happening between

One person and another

Within and without,

Whatever is about to happen

360 degree arc+tangent of the dimensions

You both travel in together

And whatever your awareness was assigned to

As you approached wherever your mind+spirit

Were engaged and in what state of being

                                                    You were in process of answering to                                      

As we go from the opening or closing of the door,

There's so much more to do than ask …why are we here?

Chance passengers caught up in the train of circumstance

Whether or not we’re in the mood …the stage is set

For the moment to play through …to remember or forget

Meeting in the spirit+pools …or just strangers passing through create the bond which lasts more than the memory.

The task to initiate a self sustaining chain reaction

Beyond body, mind or soul …that’s spiritual

To breathe in …the essence of the person

That’s trapped inside the fantasy

Of what it is you think of

The spiritual presence

That your interacting

With a reference

Depending upon

The nature of the essence

Of the current at flow



Your sense of view


the one


…of two




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2b2b2 says:

Deep Thought.....I like....ONE

Ladypoet45 says:

Great work charles2, this is superb. Thanks so much for sharing.

Charles2 says:

Thank you, 2b2b2, Ladypoet45 trying to do the math ...of the relationships we ask ...of something deeper within ourselves we plant seed to express, seeking happiness

tinesia30 says:

And this is why you are the winner of the 2015 August Poetry Contest. Expressive write

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Charles2 says:

i am humbled at the possibility ...of writing something someone would find interesting to read, follow through, listen to between thoughts of whatever it is they might choose to do, or think about ...doing

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