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24 Hour Motion Picture

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24 hour motion picture

Livin life is like watching a 24 hour motion picture

these movies can take you into any direction

The waking hours may be be dull depending on the line

of work one is in

oh but when you close your eyes thats when the fun begin

Some nights you may see live five or six movies i



in a half hour span

how these movies end is not in our hands

At times you  may rather be on your daily grind

cause some of these movies send chills

up your spine

So which movie is real, the one we we wake up

and get up to

or the one we watch in our sleep

when we never know what we

will do




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Charles2 says:

interesting play on the imagination and stages of reality

mrmelody7 says:

Thank you game of life full of mystery

2b2b2 says:

Excellent Thought.....ahh them movies and the credits and the theme songs that define each and every beginning and ending.....Great Share....ONE

Suphomeboi says:

I like this a lot

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mrmelody7 says:

Its them bad recurring ones that get to you, once had a dream I fell off the roof of the house came down right outside the bedroom I was sleepin, hit the ground so hard it woke me up, years ago but still just as vivid thank you Sir

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mrmelody7 says:

Suphomeboi thanks a lot

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