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"Be Positive"

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Be Positive


Putrid pus proliferates/ purposely preventing

progression’s passionate plea –

stifled cries…


Always ascending…and assiduously avoiding

                                    any acrimonious amounts accrued along apathetic

apertures…”Still, I Rise!”


Incessantly fighting the urge to just drop

out of this rancid Rat Race we call living


Still, to abandon sanguine thoughts totally topples the

tenacious toughness that took time to temper…never stop giving


Enervated entities economically embattled


Man, each day we face trouble/ in every Third World a struggle –

singed and burned I’m like stubble/ but, like the Ashes Of The Phoenix to resurrect from this rubble...


Sometimes I shift towards arrogance; The Good Lord keeps

me humble


Lifting languid limbs loftily to overcome this present Flood

Be Positive is my motto, in fact….it’s my Blood/B+





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latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

Wize Dom says:

Very clever, excellent piece of work.

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gregory.mccant@gmail.com says:

Linguistic perfection achieved!!!

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