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...Wall Street...

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Where I come from/Wall is not a street – its deceit –no retreat……corrupt cops on the beat/Knockout Games/fatal robberies erase lives like delete…Winning at life is like Lotto when you’re groomed for defeat…

Where I come from/Wall is not a street, its carry heat –Tupac Lives! – The Rose That Grew Through Concrete – EBT shrinking yearly/larder shelves less replete-Wear your Jimmy/ is real…AIDS is playing for keeps/ Amanda Knox, did she do it?…can’t trust the chick that you meet…

Where I come from/ Wall is not a street…its Blacks take a seat – peeps downbeat/IPhones snatched in the street – Halloween like existence…more tricks and less treat-You hardly get noticed if you don’t sag and you’re neat…The GVT putting steroids in The food that we eat/its people blessed to have money still they’re filled with conceit…

  Where I come from/ Wall is not a street – it’s how you greet/who you meet – illiterate minds incomplete –It seems our boys are less masculine/Down low teens on the creep – it’s the chasm growing wider between the Poor and Elite/it’s like now it seems normal if both Man and Wife cheat -It’s the corridors of power in a masonic seat/ it’s the Mom and Pop stores that strive hard to compete/Humdrum hopes  in the slum- 10 degrees and no heat…It’s no Merrill Lynch/Bronze Bull/or Nasdaq/just a fading  heartbeat…  

Because Where I Come From…

….Wall Is Not A Street…







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