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"Ten Different Shades Of Gray"

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Ten Different Shades Of Gray, this poem explains my world

Just variations of my sadness, a lonely little girl

My father visits me every night, my hidden Flower has been broken

I've been left alone to suffer, yes, by a love verboten

Daddy's daughter, prepubescent; a kid who must endure

My heart is clean, devoid of guile/Why must I live my life impure?

Yet, I'm treated like the plague, just like a poisoned tumor

Shameful whispers, schoolmates talking...everyone has heard the rumor

I even told my mother "I'm being molested!" she just regarded me with scorn

Ten Different Shades Of Gray...she said I led my father on

Yes, my momma has forsaken me, and won't even say my name

Can't you see I'm just a child; who'll help to ease my pain?

I had no choice, but to kill my father, a tortured soul has been relieved

Stolen Innocence Has No Cure, maybe now thay will believe!

Still, I'm pregnant, haunting nightmares, I can't articulate my gloom...

No doubt my son will be my brother...ill born progeny in my womb

Left alone in his affliction, he will be a bastard twice

Who's his poppa, what's the answer?...conceived through sin and vice

The boy I have will be an outcast, and surely be despised

But, everyone will know the truth, because he'll have my Daddy's eyes

I knew a girl whose life was similar, so respects I have to pay...

Her father touched her, but denied it...Ten Different Shades Of Gray...

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Wordman21 says:

Speak it..I LOVE the flow of this write...

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank you for the love Brother...I'm always grateful and humbled. I'll be sure to go to your compositions and return the love in kind.....Peace

blakmista says:

I'm touched. Can truly relate. Love your poetic flow and your courage. May the God of Heaven and Earth Bless U continuosly.....

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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you my Brother and Friend for taking the time to read my composition...and, leave your kind words...May The Light Of Jesus direct your path.... 1 Love

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