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Tempers flare - bullets pierce the air...

Whatever happened to the 70's and being Nubian Aware?

Oh, dear so much panic out there! - God's Chosen Laborers now speak in our ear/Little boys sagging and pedophiles don't care

A Fight For Survival is waging right here - Apocalyptic Visions - some consumed by their fear...

...A cascaded tear/The Tribulation is near - no other time to compare - World Economies Are Failing/The USA in arrears

All countries drunk from the violence as if downing mad beers

It's not about The Word...just quick cash and careers

Lives are plain Toxic like that song by Britney Spears....


Wait! Let's ruminate...A&E shows are not great - The only ones that portray us are The First 48? - Beyond Scared Straight...

Is being on Gangland the Black Man's ultimate fate?

Sammy Sosa used bleaching to wash away his dark trait

Negroes denying their own color only makes me irate

Let's be more exact - that bleaching is just wack/on your ID's and documents forever equated with "Black"

Look on your license Sammy stupid and you'll see it's a fact/I wouldn't want to be lighter/Cerebral Baggage unpacked/I don't need cloud approval my intellect is in tact...

We're living in times of tweakers - off building leapers/religion seekers/The faint of heart are growing weaker...

A riot in King's Plaza/people crazed over sneakers - If The Lord turned His back - the outlook a lot bleaker...The verse I compose it speaks volumes, but, I don't do it through speakers - The Inheritors Of The Earth have to show that they're meeker/God Created All Life - It didn't begin a beaker....

...Jesus Christ The True Light - Inner Cities - Urban Blight...The rich obessed with their power...but, might seldom makes right - Damn people's pockets are tight/Still, we can prosper in spite - of The Absence Of Affection/Believe He Died And Rose For Your Redemption...Just a pence from my two cents I had no choice, but to mention...

These Are The Times That Try Men's Souls, most days no cause for elation...

...Don't kill the Messenger - I'm just a vessel...This poem was just...My Contemplation

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Sincere says:


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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Thank you Brother Sincere....I'm always humbled by the love..

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