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969 Hell Blvd

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WARNING: This poem, although is NOT my truth, it IS someone's truth. If you are sensitive to a dark reality DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT.

Dear John,

After all the years we’ve been together and all the sh!t you put me through I finally come to accept that I was only being used. When you got laid off
3 days after we met I thought that was strange.
You needed a place… I moved you in… then your attitude changed!
It used to be “baby this and baby that.” Then it became “b!tch this and b!tch that!” Had me all confused! I never thought it would be me… the woman being abused.
See Boo, I was raised on the mean streets of Chicago; fighting back is nothing for me.
But I reasoned you were drunk; it wouldn’t happen again then 1 time turned into
3!  4, 5, and then 20... before long every weekend an azz kickin I would take!
When you were sober you'd cry “Baby forgive me, hittin you was a mistake!”
Thinking back, it’s crazy!  I loved you more than I loved myself; threw away all my pride. It seemed as though you hated me but, for you I would have died!
You continued beating me, even threatening me with your gun; too bad you didn’t lock it up. Because 3 weeks later you went too far and finally ran out of luck!
That fateful night the beating began I cried out “Baby pleeeease, you’re hurting me!”
You yelled “B!tch, do you really think I care?!”
You threw me on the floor, sat on top of me and start snatching out my hair!
At that point I became enraged! My temper I then lost! Somehow I overpowered you…
grabbing your gun I shouted! “Do you know how much Femi cost?!”
I checked the chamber then took aim, putting two bullets in your head!
Looking down at your corpse I whispered, “You can’t hurt me anymore; your evil azz is dead!”

I’m writing you this letter… at peace, feelin no regrets although I'm now jail.
For all the hurt and pain you caused me; I blew you straight to Hell!
This letter is being sent to 969 Hell Blvd, your forwarding address.
You’re among your own kind now; Snakes, Demons and the Devil…
I wish you all the best! (wink)

Foxxy Brown

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after vision says:

my poet, I love other peoples truths being told from a stronger heart

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Lovelylady1 says:

Yes, above all, I am passionate about this particular subject. I Don't know who he/she may be, just it known that they are not alone.

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blakkbeauty says:

Wow, this is true for soo many women living in domestic violence situations,

TimChronicle says:

Yes my Sista that was powerful! This is why I take artist so serious. Not many can influence and make change as moving as writers do! It starts with us!

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lovelylady1 says:

thank you and yes, you are so right my king!

lovelylady1 says:

My blakkbeauty your pen relates to my pen in this situation! Don't stop speaking for the "Voiceless".

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latin_lover says:

This is as real as it gets. Excellent write.

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