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When I spread my legs



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“When I spread my legs”


When I spread my legs...


Brotha, I want you to scream and beg, 


I want you to give me head, 


I want you to get this and claim that 

it’s yours and never forget it.


I want to show you how a real woman will treat you, 


how a real woman will ride you, 


how a real woman will *** you.


When I spread my legs…

They’re will be no hesitation from me of any orifice of mine or position you want to take.


Give it to me daddy and me hot and happy!


I love the way it will slide inside of me getting this wetness on your that you will see. 


I want your sweat on my body, 

I want your sex baby, 

I want all that you can give me.


When I spread my legs…


Naz’e May 27, 2005


(This title was requested by poetic-silk and this poem is 

told from a womans point of view but written by me)


“When you spread your legs”


When you spread your legs…


Expect your to get fed,

expect your to get wet,

and expect your to get ate.


I have all the intentions of making you scream and also making you cum all over me.


I have all the expectations to dominate that sweet little but juicy space.


I have all the powers in me to give what you want and what you’ve been wanting and needing from me.


When you spread your legs…


I know I will be shocked at what I see, your will be glistening, and those lips looking so fat that I might have a heart attack but not before I make love to that, sweet body, sweet mind, and also the sweet love of my life. 


I can hear us now creating all those noises of pumping inside and out, juices flowing inside and out, our tongues tackling each other licking the inside and outsides of our mouths. 


I can feel the grip your is getting on my . 


It’s exciting, 

it’s inviting, 

it’s delightful. 


But I want the experience between you and I to be most of all enlightening. 


I want to give it to you, my all, I can! 

when you spread your legs baby. 


Naz’e May 27, 2005

(This poem is from the male point of view)

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