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'Fingertip Love'



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“Fingertip Love”

I’m kissing her,
I’m rubbing her,
I’m enjoying her.

My hands connect to her breast,
my mouth is now full of one of them,
my hand rubs against her clit,

The excitement.

My body is heating up like the sun
I feel the wetness from your womb
I want more of you.

I want to make fingertip love to you.

You open your thighs as I pull your panties
to the side as I slip and slide my finger inside
your fissure of pleasure.

Kissing your lips with a desire of the intense
heat of summer oh, how I hunger.

Licking my fingers with your wetness
my body is ready for insertion.

Your eyes are teary with yearning and
burning lust that’s having an animal-like
effect on us.

Fingertip love

Oh, I’m going faster so you can cum.

Naz’e 5/26/00

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