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Tongue Kiss



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Love when you give me the kiss, when you give me the kiss down there

your mouth feels so good, to give this up, never I swear.

Caramel thighs opens wide so you can feast till your hearts content, you can

eat a peach for hours, my body weak and satisfyingly spent.

My pleasure treasure becomes your instrument in which your mouth plays a

beautiful tune. You’re sweetly selfish, only wanting to please me, until the sun

becomes the moon.


By:Rosettarose 1976


And as the moon gives it's glow, I continue to eat you some more as if I was diving in a pool of chocolate and I am so enticed by the scent, the sweet wetness you release has my manhood acting like a beast, ready to swell inside of you but I'll wait boo until I completely satisfy you. I'll lick those caramel thighs and moan as I devour this peach that is so ripe enough to eat. I'll hold you firm as my instrument of love burns and yearns to please you in ways that can not be described. Not even in the position 69. Because I the man that you have picked to give you pleasure is not the average Joe that can not measure. I am a snake and a tiger, I am the one that will give you not the concept but the expansion of desire. I as I reach for your mouth to catch my breath to give you an ever passionate tongue kiss.


Naz'e 11:29 p.m. 4/4/06


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