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'Pink Nails'



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“Pink Nails”

Mmmmm…. Those sharp and delicate nails…

Touching my skin,
making me flinch,
causing my flesh to react.

I like that,
I love that!

Such beautiful hands complimented
with the color of pink nails.

Please continue to touch me,
please continue to tease me,
please make me beg for your affection.

The color pink on your Goddess dark chocolate skin,
makes my body want to sin, filled by a sensual and sinister grin.

Touching me in places makes me want more…

I yearn for it to be my turn!

I am burning in my flesh to cause you rupture!

Is it not enough that your wearing my favorite color on you,
Is it not enough that all the features of your body has my
imagination fantasizing of all the deeds that I want to do.

Yes, yes there’s so many things that I want to experience.

Naz’e 9/18/22

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Ms.PoeticPassion says:

O.K. the sensual it.

naze00011 says:

Ms.PoeticPassion - Lol... Thank you for reading this poem, I have a lot more of those... You should check out Rasberry Park. And tell me what you think.

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