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'Uhhh... My lover.... How can I forget... your taste'



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'Uhhh... My lover.... How can I forget... your taste'

Uhhh.... How can I forget your taste...
Skin soft and gentile...
Those perky points my mouth devoured!
Look at me! look at me!
moaning as I am deep in you...
Can I have this forever!
Let your fingernails leave a trace on my back!
Uhhh... How can I forget your milk and honey!
Being in your land... being in your soul
I can't, I won't let go!
mmmmm..... my, my.... excitement is near!
I love being with you right now, right here!
As our bodies mend from our strain... I am wanting and needing to feed again.
Uhhh.... How can I forget our love.

Naz'e 3/13/2019

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