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Rode that to glory…



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“Rode that to glory…”

Don’t get it twisted in no shape or form…


I am a diva,

I am a Queen,

I can make a man do things 

that would make him scream,

make him cum, 

make him give me his all,

and take him to the 

limits and beyond.


I  am  as the sun…


Full of fire and hot as desire,

able to shake, ride, suck, lick,

and most importantly take any size .

I am deep n thick,

and I know you are gonna 

love this ’s lips,

it’s sweet scream inside.

And when you taste please don’t 

waste a drop of me on your cheeks.


Take every drop and every drip 

inside your mouth because the 

love-***ing carnival ride 

is about to begin.


I’ll start with attacking you at 

your weakest point, yeah 

you know giving head until your swoll.


Getting you ready for the 

rough ride ahead, 

like Baby Face said I’ll 

make you weak in the knees. 


This poem was requested for me to write by Sonyette (my co-worker) 



December 09, 2006, 3:13:04 PM


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