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“Doctor, doctor won’t you cure me”


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“Doctor, doctor won’t you cure me”

Doctor, doctor won’t you cure me,
I’ve come to you with an ailment
but you tell me that you’re not able
to assist me to cure me.

I’ve heard your diagnosis but I don’t
believe your hoakus pocus.

I continue to get another opinion and
would you believe I get the same treatment.

This could not possibly be that I’m a
to you instead of a human being.

Oh, don’t be shocked by this, you don’t think
that this has never happened save the white’s
let the blacks die!!

If your skeptical to this way of thinking then
what world have, you been living in.

Especially if we go oversees to get treated.

We have been used as guinea pigs for all types
of tests but when it comes to saving lives some
doctors in all the fields do not have the same ethical
code of who is considers us as a human being.

Doctor, doctor won’t you cure me not as a person you
despise, not as a black person in a demise, not as a
person you’re willing to let die!  But a person who you
should save their life.


Naz'e 7/2013

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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naze00011 says:

love_supreme - Thank you again I am humbled... by you taking your time to read this poem.

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