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'Till the day brings the light'



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"Till the day brings the light"


The beauty of human interaction at its highest level

Pause for the dramatic effect
Cause for the physical intent

The action of two lips touching and feeling the rush of the ocean's waves filling up within our two bodies bonding.

I want to lay here staring at the sky after the tactile contact...

What's rushing in my head, heart is the overwhelming feeling that has me reeling.

The memory of the last few moments has me frozen, enchanted, giddy, aroused.

I want this to never end...
I want the world to hear my laughter...
my feeling for your presence in me.

Please say that you are all mine
Please tell me that you will stay with me as constant as the stars shine.

Place your hands in my hands till the day brings the light,
the light of our love, the light of what is blooming within.

Cast your impression of your heart into mine and let me be blind to all others, I want you to be my only lover.


The effect of human inseparableness at its highest level.

Naz'e 4/5/2023

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mlowe5 says:

Being in love is one thing; being and giving love in the onederful oneness onement, is another! Nice write. Thanks for the share. Peace and Love.

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naze00011 says:

mlowe5 - You are 10000% correct there no better feeling that being in love and feeling the love and just being one!! Some people in the world will never experience it and that's a shame.

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