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'So you want it straight from a black man'


just different

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"So you want it straight from a black man"

I know you want to hear it but,
I know that you're not ready.

Your not ready to hear that
everyday we wonder if it's gonna be our day..

not our day to walk in a parade,
not to get the key to the city
or to get accolades.


The day that some citizen of the same country I live in is going to call the police because they think that I don't belong where they live.

Or the police stopping me because went to go for ice cream in my Mercedes Benz  S-Class

The possibility of me getting handled incorrectly, shot, murdered in broad daylight or night.

So comes the cover-up,
he comes lies,
Somehow I was a suspect for something else even though me and the other dude don't look anything alike.

So you want it straight
from a black man

I know you want to hear it but,
I know that you're not ready.

I know you not ready to understand
how hard it is to see what happens to our black woman.

dying the hospital trying to bring life in this world but because we have a different shade the best healthcare goes to the other race.

I know your not ready to hear how we are in constant fear that our children, our futures are being killed no, murdered if they have a hoodie, the mop top hair do.

You say they look like thugs without any evidence or basis

You know everything that I am describing is just bull racism!

You are not ready...

Your not ready to deal with all the anger, the pain, the disgust,
the mistrust.

You want it straight from a black man... No... No you don't

Naz'e 10/30/20

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Contest Winner  

The Immortal Wize says:

Deeply Powerful!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

And this same bigoted racism is as just alive today! Tell them! Tell them! Tell them! ONE. Peace and Love.

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naze00011 says:

Love_Supreme - Thank you for the compliment on this poem and also taking the time to read it.

naze00011 says:

The immortal Wize - Thank you, thank for the props.

naze00011 says:

mlowe5 - As poets, as black men, as a race we try and try to tell them to there face but they don't listen, they feel that they have God's grace! But, one day, 1 day all this shall change.. (I thought that it would be cool to give your a reply with some poetry since your work is masterful mlowe5)
Contest Winner  

Charles2 says:

Tell it like it is. Sometimes

naze00011 says:

Charles2, I appreciate the feedback and the like of this poem.

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