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I replied to the Email



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… and did.
Yes, I replied to the email. So yall, I applied at this job and had a typical interview on the spot so a second interview with the lady from the corporate office was scheduled. That interview went well. The next day I received an email from her and it said, Thank you for your interest, however, we will not be moving forward… So, after meeting with me, she thinks she can prevent me from working there. Oh ye little people with lack of spiritual knowledge.

I politely replied to her email by saying, “No, allow me to thank you, because I understand the decision was never yours. I am thankful for the times when there are places where I may want to be, but God will intervene, shield and protect me from those places. For God has a purpose for my life so much so that neither you nor I can alter or change what He has for me. This was NOT for me, not because you said so, but because God said so and for that, I am forever grateful.”

I have learned to be grateful for God opening up doors that no man can shut, for closing doors and for the doors that He never allowed to even open. 

Sometimes people get sad, discouraged and even disappointed when they don’t get the job, or “approved” for something. They, they, they… People give a lot of credit to “they,” but who are “they?” “They” fired me. “They” hating on me. “They” approved me. Girl, when you got approved for that house, trust and believe, it had NOTHING to do with “they.” And when you didn’t get approved, it had NOTHING to do with “they.” What God has for you is for you and what is meant for you, you shall receive it, and it won’t be because of “they,” it will be because of God. Now keep in mind, it will be in God’s timing, not yours. You might want it tomorrow, but God knows, truly knows, when you are ready for what you’re asking for. If He thought you were ready for it tomorrow, He wouldn’t have NO problem giving it to you tomorrow.
God is preparing you, so the best thing is, be patient, get the preparation needed and don’t rush the process. And thank God for the times He shields and protects you from some things. Also, keep in mind, some of the things you want and don’t get is not because God doesn’t want you to have it, it’s because God got something bigger and better for you. You might want “that” car, but God may have a Better car in store for you.

So my friend, when you get “yo” job, “yo” house, “yo” breakthrough, remember to give God the glory because it had nothing to do with “they.”

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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The Immortal Wize says:

They ain't ready
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mlowe5 says:

Wow! At soon to be 82, I still work part-time in a labor of teaching love. because of this beautiful and inspiring share that has come from you to others to follow too! Inspiringly wonder, Colette. Indeed, " grateful to God for opening doors that...[no one]...can shut, for closing doors and for the doors that He never even allowed to open." Powerful Colette; Powerful! ONE. Peace and Love.

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