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Hey there my fellow poets! Blessings and greetings to you all for a prosperous new year. Life has been pretty rough for me since I last posted but nonetheless, as always with God's mercy and grace I've persevered. I'm finally at a point where I can start posting again. I so miss being on here and reading everyone's works. I hope that everything is going well for everyone. Let's keep the inklove flowing!

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Looking for Forever



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Looking for forever in a world of uncertainty.
A place where lost hopes
Find empty dreams of you and me
Searching to live happily
Even after lives were ripped to shreds,
Because Willie’s syndrome-tactics (syndrome-antics)
Created syndrome addicts
And most of us are still hooked.

Yet as though we move on,
We ask ourselves
Will insanity regain its composure and
Untie the complexities of our understandings?
Or will they relish in their complacency
And let things remain as they are, as is?

Will we ever figure it out?

Looking for forever in a world of uncertainty
A place where renewed faith and hopes
Lost in fulfilled realities of we and they
Were found living happily
Even after lives have been ripped to shreds,
May seem farfetched
But it’s not impossible.
Because Willie’s syndrome-tactics (syndrome-antics)
Created syndrome addicts
And some of us are still hooked.

We’ll never know the day nor the hour
But we all know it’s coming.
The inevitability of a
Predetermined future by our creator.
Or is it already here?
Now although we truly do live
In a world of uncertainty,

Regardless of how much sense it makes
Or doesn’t make,
Challenge yourselves to
The opening of your mind’s eye
And seek a more in-depth understanding
Of yourselves individually and collectively
And see where it takes you.

Because from what I understand
Plans were made, a place has been prepared
So, until we reach our intended destinations.
Do your best to stay positive,
Limit nothing to your imagination
And remain hopefully optimistic
To any possibility until proven otherwise.

Are you ready for your journey?

See you on the other side of forever.

Inspired and challenged by my friends Michael P. & George C.

LP45 © 1/11/23
Revised 2/6/23

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

So great to hear from you, LP45! Thanks for this inspiring share. The uplift so needed. ONE. Peace and Love.

LP45 says:

Just doing my part and the work that was asked of me to do. Many of us may not know what our purpose is while we're here. I know mine thus far. Peace and blessings.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

ONE! Peace and Love.

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