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I’ve been bit
by my own dog

sinned against
 by my own god

               How does one exist
               in a place of fear
                         or shed a tear
               when one is thirsty              
 does one go
when one is lost
in the immediacy of now

                  where everything
is distant and undiscovered

                why normalise
                       the absurd
                vile things heard

                condemnation . ?

There’s no right way
to do wrong

       nor wrong way
               to do right
the fight
comes from the heart

                 gotta stop tryin

                 to make  s h i t
                 taste good

                            must resist
                   must not submit

                 to the conspiracy
                 of fools   


                           If the clowns
                          are in charge

i t ’ s    a    f u c k i n    c i r c u s . . !


don’t think

on wounded bones
gonna make you whole

ain't no never way
      it’s gonna taste
                  like cake 

    or make you heal


                the dogs don’t bark
                wolves don’t howl

                 men don’t hunt
                                D r a g o n s
                                            anymore .  !


                 a n d   t h e   w o m e n  . !  ?


                 are in love
                 with themselves

                 a n d   e a c h   o t h e r


sly cats slink
in the background

         creating havoc  
while rats run amok


                t h e y   d o   a s   t h e y   d o

                 t h e y ’ r e    f u c k i n

                                              r a t s  .  !


                  they make war . .

                      create more
                 for themselves

                 the poor
                 doesn’t have a chance

                                 the hungry
                 hungers in the mire
                 of despair

                 it’s all collusion
                 and illusion

                             no one cares
                  no one hears them


c i v i l i t y   a n d   h u m a n i t y  .  .  


               meld into the ass-crack

                                      of violence

               don’t give   a   f u c k   .  !


               a d d i c t e d   t o  .  .


                                  drugs of lies
             and dodgy compromise


Beware of sheep
baring fangs and claws

                     open doors
                     easy chores
          and pious whores

malignant offerings
and spiteful embraces

        have you ever
        stopped to think
                  that maybe . .
                   just maybe . !


you’re taken
through troubled waters

your enemies can’t swim . . ?


                   must understand  .  .
                               next mode
                          the long road
                             source code

               quantum simulation
                    other dimensions


     t h e   m u l t i v e r s e   is   r e a l . !


                    The liar knows
                    what lies he’s told

                    the sinner
                    what he’s done

    t h e r e   w i l l   c o m e   a   t i m e

                    when enough . .
                     is too much . !

                                      Life is Tough
  G e t    a     F u c k i n     H e l m e t  .  !


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Great write, Mingoao. Yes, so much "...collusion and illusion..." And as you've also said, "...there is no right way to do wrong...[and]...no wrong way to do right..." In awareness, we must indeed, helmet and shield our minds from the Oppressor Syndrome. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Mlowe5: Respect - I'm so appreciative of your feedback. I'm happy that I'm able to contribute meaningful work to your platform. - Stay Blessed

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