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monster Monsters



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Ancient wisdom
lies in bones


        The StoneAge

              didn't end
  for lack of stones

        m o n s t e r .   
                M o n s t e r s . .


       e v e r y w h e r e

     in a many ears

         loud enough
to stoke our fears

  soft enough
  that we still hear

  playing games
 of truth or dare


monsters                                                  and their concubines

                          corrupt                                        before we realize


        m o n s t e r  .           
                M o n s t e r s  .  .


                 telling truth
    the many branches
    are the root

    the leaves that fall
    aren’t leaves at all

                         b u t

        the devil’s call
        to sacred fruit

        m o n s t e r .           
                M o n s t e r s . .

        p l a y   a n d   h i d e


            at sleight

            hopscotched truth
            in dead of night


        m o n s t e r .     
                M o n s t e r s . .


        h e l d   m y   b r e a t h

        that I can't breathe
        and blind my eyes
              that I don't see

t h e y   c o m e   f o r   m e

                    I'm alone
and all the monsters
are at home

        w h e n

        every blessing
                is a curse

        every word
        becomes a verse

        souls have fallen
        where they stand

in ashened grey                                       of no man's land                                                  

           all my colours . .

        deeper shades                                        of sombre thoughts                                and darkened days

intent designed
to survive

lies contrived
     to multiply

    in air as dust

    in minds like rust

        m o n s t e r .           
                M o n s t e r s . .

camouflaged truths                           that’s all it is

   T h e   A m e r i c a n   D r e a m

             ain’t what it seems

                it's just another


                f u c k e d   u p

       M o n s t e r   S c h e m e  .  !

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Just_Me_Kelee says:

Oooooooooooo YES !! All the snaps !!

Mingoao says:

Thank you Kelee . -Much Peace

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mlowe5 says:

ONE, MY BROTHER! A much need awareness pen. PEACE AND LOVE.

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