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"Hooded lie" (R.I.P Trayvon Martin)

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Tell me, how could you kill a child and then look him in the eyes through the eyes of his people with no remorse about your crime.

Do you not feel guilty for leaving many hearts empty, and baffled about the verdict for not getting sentenced to life?

He aint even start livin his life, you took an innocent life

It makes me wonder about the thoughts you ponder in your sickening mind

Seeing this young boy, same skin pigment as mine

Receive no justice at all..really makes my temperature rise

I cant keep it inside, tell me what im supposed to do?

Walk around with my hood up, lettin my emotions brew?

Prayin for some type of justice hopin someone smokes this dude?

Or shouldshould i just sit back, relax, and let God take over and rule

Because i swear i aint sure! Dont know whats right and whats wrong

Especially when a n**** gets more time for a dog

Than a man whos walking free, while another life is gone

In which whom by laws' ,importance was very small

No matter what we do, they cant hide this hooded lie

They cant hide these tears flowing behind these hooded eyes

A never ending curse...God bless thia crooked life

That my people cant escape..here behind this hooded lie

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ferdinandmagellan says:

Innocent life/Sentenced to life Sickening mind/sam skin pigment as mine Loved the rhymes! Great thoughts expressed in a great way!

Wize Dom says:

This is more than self expression, thanks for speaking and be the voice you have managed to poetically say it all, thanks for sharing.

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2b2b2 says:

On point vexation, smoothly conveyed...thank you for sharing!

DAPHNE says:

absolutely compelling!!

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