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"Lost car keys"

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I remember love like it was yesterday...at a time that i was floating, at a time that i was boasting about this new found emotion

I never knew a kiss could taste so sweet, a touch could feel so deep, and a heart could ever be broken

I was hoping...this feeling would last for a while, but all hope was lost the day you took my smile

You took my smile and flipped it upside down, and turned it into a frown..what do i do now?

I cant stand the sight of you, cant even see the light in you, everytime i fix my eyes on you, all i see is darkness

I used to ride or die for you, willing to give my life for you, but after all that ive been through, i finally have a Conscience

Im much stronger than i was before, i dont believe in love no more, you changed my life around and turned this happy girl bitter

My trust? Youve lost that, my touch and all that, i have a bew heart now that youre not allowed to enter

Lost car keys...nowhere to be found, youre searching all overthe house, up and down and all around

But little did you know i took a drive around town with my heart in the yrunk, and ill be gone for a while

I finally took control of my own damn life, i hold the title that you claimed that you owned but you didnt

At one point i believed you really did for a minute, until i realuzed that my life was too small for you to fit in

I took the keys i admit it! Yeah i did it!

I took tge keys and put em right in the ignition

And i wont say a word, go ahead, report it missing

Because im never coming back..cianara and good riddins!!

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