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90 Proof Avenue

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the light seeps under the door

into the dark corridor

rain outside my window

a slamming car door

streetlights so bright in the night

somebodies screaming losing their life

in this hostile impolite  life

help is coming dogs are barking

keep on going no sense in parking

we are the ones who are walking

suspected of nothing

victims of the hunting

walk fast then start running

hold tight to your money

in the place where it's always sunny

sad faces nothings funny

I hear gargling someone's choking on blood

my feet are slipping from walking in mud

I'm just trying to live my life

please don't take it away from me

I'm just walking in this big city

where the  skylines  are  so pretty

go deeper it just gets too gritty

too much poverty and homelessness

crime and injustice a hot mess

I'm just trying to get there  anywhere but here

in this atmosphere what's that aroma it smells like fear

I'm not lost don't need no directions

don't need no police don't need  correction

packing heat don't need no protection

I'm not out for crime I just need some time

I need some air and it's out there

I may seem lost but I'm just walking it off

in my old playground where I use to be lost

now I am found what's that on the ground

don't pick it up it'll just pull you down

what's that sound too many rounds

count the spent shells on the ground

is that ketchup time to catch up to the crowd

talking loud acting a  fool like rodeo clowns

catch a glimpse of the sun reflecting a gun

I've been walking now it's time to run






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2b2b2 says:

Outstanding, I really love your work, Bravo Master Scribe, Bravo!!!

Ladypoet45 says:

Awesome write wizedom. Love your flow and imagery. Felt like I was right there with you. I appreciate you sharing this. Keep 'em coming!

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